Things To Do With A Kitchen Torch To Brule

Kitchen torch – The torches are smaller Brule torches found at hardware versions, but instead of welding metal parts, create new flavors in food. These handheld devices are extremely useful in cooking to brown the exterior of uncooked food inside. Use a torch to Brule it on a plate with contrasting flavors and textures.

kitchen torch ace hardware

Kitchen Torch Ace Hardware

Baked Alaska

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A delicious ice cream covered with a crunchy meringue, the Alaska baking can also easily turn into a soup if you try to heat it in the oven to brown the meringue. The trick to making this dessert is caramelizing the outside of the meringue without melting the ice cream. A kitchen torch Brule accomplishes this goal. Spread meringue over a strong ice cream to completely cover the edges of the container. Directs heat gun over to brown the meringue but without burning. Serves Alaska baked immediately or return it to the freezer.

Creme Brule

The juxtaposition of creamy custard under a caramelized crisp envelope is what makes the Creme Brule wonderful. This distinctive dessert composition makes it difficult to prepare, requiring very careful to avoid over-cooking the custard. The baked custard of the outer layer can easily go from creamy to gummy if the kitchen for too long or in a very hot oven. Caramelize the sugar dessert on top of the stove makes you run the risk of hardening the custard. A kitchen torch to caramelize Brule only sugar without affecting its texture. Although Southern Living recommends using the oven to caramelize the sugar, the recipe recommends in its advice to use a torch to a finish of good quality like you see in restaurants, where chefs choose to use torches.

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