The Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

To live with your room-mate is such a fun thing to do, only if you got the shipping container home floor plans done correctly. This kind of home design is famous for its practical way of living. In addition, this home design always fulfills every single need of the home members. The only thing that you have to be okay with is the limitation of your privacy, since most of the time you have to deal with the sharing activity. Therefore, you have to really know your room-mate well before starting to live together in the shipping container home.

shipping container home build

shipping container home build

You can divide the floor into three parts: left, center, and right. The right side is used for the location of the bedrooms and also the bathroom. As you do the sharing, place the bathroom in the middle of the bedrooms. Then, the middle part is used for the sitting, as you can place a nice and comfy sofa with the coffee table there. Beside the sofa, you can also place the dining table and the chairs if you want to. The left side of the house is the place for you to do the laundry, the cooking, and also the place for your closet.

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Shipping Container Home Build

Shipping Container Home Building

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Shipping Container Home Design Plans

Shipping Container Home Design

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