The Plus And Minus Of Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

Reclaimed wood kitchen island comes with pros and cons which you should notice. For pros, the first advantage is that a reclaimed wood kitchen island is so environment friendly. You indirectly decrease the number or newly sourced lumbers which means that you save this planet. This is the renewable resource which reduces the landfill waste and the use of the environmental hazards to manufacture the new products.

all wood kitchen island cart with drop leaf

all wood kitchen island cart with drop leaf

Other pros for reclaimed wood kitchen island are the quality and strength. The reclaimed wood kitchen islands are up to 40 points harder than the virgin wood on the scale of Janka. It is because this kitchen island is made from reclaimed wood which comes from the old growth trees. Furthermore, this kind of kitchen island is so exotic with its aged and weathered look so you can add accents in your kitchen with the existence of this island.

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All Wood Kitchen Island Cart With Drop Leaf


Still, reclaimed wood kitchen island has some lacks. First is you should purchase the kitchen island which is really made from the reclaimed wood. For this, you should purchase from the quality dealer with supporting certifications given by the organizations. It might be quite troublesome but in order to ensure the legitimacy, you should do this. Furthermore, this kind of kitchen island could be pricey due the process which it has been undergone so you should prepare more money.

Other pros from reclaimed wood kitchen island are the pests and toxins. This kind of kitchen island may contain adhesives, volatile compounds, preservatives and insecticides because it might undergo many chemical processes. For that, you should test the content of toxins. Then, the pests also like to make their homes in wood, so you should inspect this kitchen island for infestation signs. This kitchen island requires you to notice many things which may be quite troublesome.

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