One Story Floor Plans For Young Families

One story house always the best, because it’s usually has a wide size, so there are many rooms there. If you and your spouse already decide to build or buy any house, consider to look some one story houses out there. In this article, we want to share our one story floor plans, especially for young families that maybe want to build their dream house.
We believe that every house should have two bedrooms (for you and the kids), two bathrooms, one kitchen, one dining room, one living room, and one small study room. Well, you can place the private rooms (like bedroom and bathroom) at the back side of the house; meanwhile the other rooms can be placed at the front side. Some one story floor plans also recommend young families to have one space for their car/motorcycle garage, because this place is also important.
There are many advantages from one story house, such as free-stairs (can be dangerous for kids) and also this house age gracefully. It means that you will need to change many things in your house based from your age, your spouse age, and your kids’ age. Because of this, many one story floor plans recommend to create some space to make this changing process easier. For example, you can make all the rooms in your house have wide doors. It can be amazing, and you will have the best one stor house ever.

one story floor plan

One Story Floor Plan

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One Story Floor Plan

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