How To Make A Kitchen Compost Bin

Kitchen compost bin – The compost in the kitchen is one economical and ecological way to fertilize a vegetable garden, flowers or potted. The compost in the kitchen reduces the amount of waste you produce and is beneficial to the earth as you can replenish some of the different resources you get from it daily.

airtight kitchen compost bin

Airtight Kitchen Compost Bin

The kitchen compost bin is also an effective method to amend difficult soils, as indicated Keen for Green, a resource site recycling offers. Make your own compost bin for the kitchen to start. Save time and money because you probably have all the tools necessary to build the home suitable container.

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Airtight Kitchen Compost Bin



  1. Drill several holes in the lid of the coffee can.
  2. Insert a glue stick into the glue gun.
  3. Paste the filter on top of the lid to control odors.
  4. Place vegetable waste, shredded paper, tea bags and coffee grounds used just become available.
  5. Replace the lid on the coffee can.
  6. Place your kitchen compost bin under the kitchen sinks regularly and shakes to mix the contents.
  7. About once a week, incorporates the waste tray in the compost pile outside. According to the “recycling program in town” of Davis, California, kitchen compost should be buried at least 12 inches (30 cm) deep to avoid attracting rodents and other pests as it decomposes.

The benefits of a kitchen compost bin intendance. The major task of a composter, which is to turn the equipment, has been simplified with the invention of rotary composters. If you invest in a Tumbleweed composter, its use alone will reward you with a rich organic soil in as little as four weeks delivery without ever lifting a fork.

Now all depends on you on kitchen compost bin ideas, you want to wear theme where and what materials you will use.

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