Free Carpet Square Samples

When we make crafts and gifts we are often limited by the materials we have but generally not our imagination on how to arrange them to make cool stuff and great gifts. Still, if you really want to have the most awesome crafts, then it is all about materials and supplies.

carpet squares adelaide

carpet squares adelaide

One nifty material to have around to do your craft projects is carpet. It does not make sense to have giant rolls of carpet in your garage, because you would never use it all anyway, but it does make sense to have various sizes and shapes of carpet in all types of colors.

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It is very easy to get free carpet square samples from a local carpet store. Often they give them away. You see, they get in samples, that they let people take with them to see if the carpet matches their furniture. Then when they sell out of that shade of carpet they have no use for those samples anymore and they often have boxes full of them that they give to the recycling center.

Now some carpet stores sell them for one dollar each, others just give them away in a giant box labeled; “Free.” Why not pick all your favorite shades of carpet squares for future projects that way you have them available when you’re ready to start on your next big craft art piece.

Let’s face it even though “Free” is a four letter word, it is probably one of the best four letter words that you’ve ever heard. Therefore, it makes sense to get all you can, and all the shades that you want before you need them. Please think of this.

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