Carpet Padding For Your Room

Why do we need to set a carpet pad in setting the carpet for our room? There are some benefits of setting carpet pad. A carpet pad adds a layer of cushion to our floor and also keeps the air condition in the room well. The other benefit of having a carpet pad is that it also extends the carpet life. In selecting the good padding for carpet for our home, we must recognize first the types of carpet padding.

automotive carpet padding

Automotive Carpet Padding

There are some types of the carpet padding, based on the shape and materials. They are waffle rubber, urethane foam, bonded urethane, flat rubber, and fiber cushion. Waffle rubber is a good carpet padding which has shape waffle texture. This is a good carpet. It is many people’s favorite for years. The waffle padding shows much better than they were in the 1970’s and 80’s.

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Automotive Carpet Padding

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The other carpet padding, Urethane foam type has many varieties in distinct thicknesses anddensities. Then, the bonded Urethane or we can call it rebond. It is the most favorite type of carpet padding sold today. Flat Rubber is a luxury type of carpet padding. It reaches 19 -22lb density flat carpet cushion. The last type is Fiber Cushion. This carpet padding is used especially to good environment campaign.

After choosing the suitable type of carpet padding, how about the steps of setting the padding for carpet? First of all prepare the floors. Clean the floor from any dirt. Then, we should set the tack strips. We can set it by using glue or nail it. Then, come the time to install the carpet pad. The right setting process can make the carpet more comfortable. After that, you can cut the carpet pad roughly as we need. Finally, make sure that carpet padding pieces should be butted together, as you lay them down.

In installing the carpet, we must pay attention to the size of the carpet padding and also the carped padding. Thus, the size the room is suitable with what we have. Then, we also must pay attention that the carpet may not be folded or rippling. Make it neat and clean! Finally, are you ready to choose the best carpet padding, and then set it in your room. Enjoy your room, and gather with all family on the comfortable carpet.

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