Hunting Lodge Floor Plans

Hunting lodge is one type of houses which is well known with the use of woods material for the house. Hunting lodge applies woods in almost every side of the house. Wood absorbs the heat and the cold. The woods absorb the heat of the day; therefore the house becomes warm on the night. While the woods absorb the cold of the night, therefore the house become cool on the day. This kind of house is one of the favorite houses because it looks very homey. This kind of house is usually found in village. Besides, it can be also found as a cottage in the vacation area. There are many hunting lodge floor plans you that you can see in order to built it

hunting cabin kits

hunting cabin kits

Before you built this kind of house, it is better to make sure the size of the house. After that, you have to  design the hunting lodge floor plans. The number of the rooms should be adjusted with the size of the house. Beside the use of wood as the material of the wall and the floor, the other important thing in building hunting lodge is there should be a living room with a fire place and chimney.

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